Google’s ranking factors in 2019

What up with Google’s ranking factors in 2019?So the clock is ticking and 2019 is knocking at the door. And for those whose business is related to the number of Google search and viewers the time is running out. In the Google age, you have to adapt and you have to do it fast so you don’t lose ground in front of the competition.The first thing you need to do is make sure you have all the information about what’s happening on the web market. What are Google’s ranking factors in 2019?Should be your first question and the answer is here:1. The most important thing is how your website looks and have like content. Unlike what was preferable and liked until this year, meaning small content and many images, now Google gives medals to those who give all the information that the seeker wants. If we are talking about blogging, the articles must say something more than some short opinions and suggestions. And the same thing must be applied to all the other websites that want to be competitive. Behind the products or the statistics, behind the numbers or the projects must be content, description and of course the mother of all the highest rankings: images and video related to the content.2. Backlinks. Oh! This is also a must-have in 2019. To have references on others websites and backlinks give you a certain assurance that you will not fall off from the top of the list. If you know that you don’t have enough backlinks you should make something because your competitors are already working to improve their situation.3. Mobile. We all use computers. But, in our free time we are tied with the mobile. So your website must be tailored in such a way that when is accessed from the mobile doesn’t disappoint. Clear and fast. This is the keys to success from this point of view.4. HTTPS. This is for security reasons. You need to install SSL (https) on your website even if we are talking about a blog. To make payments online became like a trend and every website that sells something must be an https website. Many clients are choosing already after this criteria. So this is now a credibility issue.5. SEO services. If you want to be free of all the problems and you have a small amount to invest in your freedom, hire someone to do all the job for you. SEO services in London and in general SEO services from the UK are the most reliable on the market. They can provide affordable SEO service and you don’t have any a headache.These are four of the most important Google ranking factors in 2019. It’s up to you to upgrade your website to the newest trends and “must have”.