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How my online handbag business took off with Search Engine Optimisation

When I first started my online ladies designer handbag business back in 2016, it didn’t get off to a great start, I had an excellent looking website but it was lacking online visitors. What good is an great looking website if no one can see it? I was spending at least £4000 per month on advertising on Google adwords, I was getting a great amount of traffic to my website, but they wasn’t converting in to paying customers. So Google adwords was a complete waste of time for my online designer bag business. After a while I gave up with PPC advertising, so I decided to look in to UK marketing agencies, after about two months of research, I stumbled across Swift SEO Direct, an SEO UK marketing agency that specialises in getting online businesses to rank naturally on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo (Search Engine Optimisation). At first I was pretty sceptical as I’ve been with many SEO companies in the UK before, and they have failed to rank my competitive designer bag industry. However I decided to give Swift SEO Direct a go. I’ve now been with this digital marketing agency for over 6 months now and have never looked back. My Ladies bag business website is now ranking on the top of search engines ( Google to be exact) for some very high competition keywords such as, ladies hand bags, designer handbags, hand bags in the UK. As a result of using swift SEO direct SEO agency, my business on now doubled in revenue. If you’re looking for an SEO Marketing agency in the UK, then you need to try these guys! they will not let you down! 

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Services Offered by Professional Search Engine Optimization Companies 2019

Choosing the right SEO Agency to rank your online business.

Making your website stand out among thousands of other sites that are offering similar service is a challenge in itself. However, SEO services UK helps you beat this challenge pretty comfortably! If done properly, search engine optimization can reap in a considerable amount of traffic for your site. The Internet is growing to become a pretty competitive zone for business owners to strive for a visible position. Amidst such a situation, companies that are offering SEO service are gaining in popularity. Quite a number of SEO UK Companies has come into the picture. A well-established SEO service London will work closely with you to help you achieve your business needs. Each business has its own specific business needs. Having said that, it is important that the affordable SEO Company which you hire is able to understand your specific business needs and help you accordingly. These companies offer on page optimization service that will help you reach your unique business goals.An established SEO service UK company will always aim at providing you with affordable search engine optimization services. The services offered by a search engine optimization company will be beneficial towards the growth of your business, no matter how large scale or small scale your business might be. A trusted search engine optimization company will be able to offer you customized SEO packages to choose from. Depending on your specific business needs,you can go in for the package that suits your business needs the most. A professional search engine optimization company would be able to offer you various services with respect to SEO, like the initial SEO report, a thoroughly customized keyword analysis report that is specific to the kind of market that your business caters to, title tag optimization, meta tag optimization, on page optimization, image optimization, account management at a dedicated level, creating a sitemap for your site that is search engine friendly for better crawling purposes, and many other such services.Therefore, it is always recommended that you go in for a trusted and professional search engine optimization company that can cater to all your search engine optimization needs to help your business grow further. Affordable search engine optimization services will also include sharing reports with you on a regular interval to update you on the ranking progress of your site, link building activities, submission to the targeted directories as well as the secondary search engines, report confirming search engine submissions, submitting articles to the primary search engine and directories, and the likes. With both the on page and off page search engine optimization strategies being well taken care of by such companies, you can only expect your business to grow from this point. It is important that you go for an affordable company. This is primarily due to the fact that, you would aim at getting maximum benefit at a competitive price. This is what every wise business owner aims at. Settle for an affordable SEO service UK providing quality service, and see how your business climbs the ladder of success and prominence in the online world.

Here’s a video on how to find the right SEO company to work with.